1. Maid and Housekeeping Services for your Vacation

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    When you arrive at your Penthouse/ condo one of the first things you will notice is that it is sparkling clean! As part of your vacation rental, the maids also clean the Penthouse / condo when you depart. If you would like to have an extra cleaning or two during your stay this can be booked in advance or booked when you check in at our reception desk. Our housekeeping/cleaning service includes the maids laundering all the sheets and towels, changing out linens on all the beds, cleaning up any dishes, cleaning all the floors and tables, and leaving the Penthouse / condo looking just like it did when you first checked in.

    The cost for any extra Housekeeping / Maid service during your stay is as follows:

    * One Bedroom -   $35.00
    * Two bedrooms -  $45.00
    * Three bedrooms - $50.00
    * Four Bedrooms -  $55.00
    * Five bedrooms -  $60.00

    note: if you request the service mentioned above please send us a message to